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Story & Illustrations by Cindy Helms

Afuera, Adentro


Cuando Birdie no encuentra a sus amigos, el decide buscarlos y enterarse de lo que estan haciendo. Tu te vas a sorprender al igual que Birdie cuando veas lo que sus amigos han estado planeando.  Con 35 hojas llenas de ilustraciones divertidas, caprichosas y vistosas,  Afuera, Adentro es una historia de amistad y de la alegria de regalar. 


by Cindy Helms
by Cindy Helms
by Cindy Helms
by Cindy Helms

Book Buzz !! 


  • " Illustrations are almost everything..."


  • " Quirky, whimsical and colorful illustrations add real appeal..." 


  • "... this upbeat, appealingly illustrated production is an ideal book for adults and preschoolers to enjoy together at home, in preschool, playgroups or during library storytimes. " 


  • " With its surprise party plot element, it also makes an excellent birthday gift. "

* BlueInkReview *

* Kirkus Review *


  • Seussian shapes and creatures dominate this clever concept book about opposites - and friendship - by debut author/illustrator Helms. "


  • The text, comprised of only thirty-five words, is as much a part of the imagery as the illustrations themselves... all the words are simple enough that very beginning readers will be able to sound them out, and may have a victory of reading a book all on their own. 


  • The weird creatures are child-friendly, and the colorful pictures are sure to appeal. 


  •  " Helms does an excellent job combining strange and colorful art, the concepts of opposites, and a tale of a friendship surprise. "

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