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Hello. Welcome to my studio!


Drawing, my favorite art form, has led me to a world of unlimited creative potential. Over the years my drawings turned into paintings, mosaics, sculptures, theater sets, children’s books and graphic designs.


A drawing will usually start with a particular style and subject matter. I will see a strong angle in a composition and build upon it with a contrast in: shape, texture, line or a hit of color, or maybe set something more abstract next to a realistic image. My goal is to create an emotion, an experience, or a story, and not necessarily a literal representation. I also love to have fun with my work and will toss in elements of whimsy and light to spice things up. Being an artist gives me the freedom to wonder and be amazed at life.

After spending decades in Denver, CO, I have recently moved to Wisconsin and am enjoying the adventure of a lifetime, exploring, traveling and enjoying an empty nest. As a nod to Amelia Earhart, my favorite person in history, "I did it for the fun of it."

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