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Welcome to Cindy's studio

     Unusual shapes, bold contrasts and morphed perspectives are the backbones of Cindy’s artwork. Using line, texture, and pattern, each piece she makes tells a story and sets an atmosphere. With inspiration from travels and long walks in nature, Cindy gravitates to black and white drawing to conjure up her scenes. She loves to see black markings on crisp white paper and watch them turn into something fresh and interesting.

     Starting with a strong composition, Cindy layers in symbolism and builds up a rich meaning to transform a surface level picture into a deeply personal story. At the same time, she likes to have fun with her art and will toss in unexpected elements to spice things up. Whether drawing, painting, illustrating, or sculpting, Cindy lets in a free flowing creativity that often surprises her.

     Her favorite medium is drawing, but Cindy is relentlessly creative. In addition to her fine art prints and her children’s book publications, she writes reviews for She has a small obsession with papier-maché mixed media sculptures and is not intimidated by power tools.

     After raising a family and living in Denver, CO for almost 30 years, Cindy now splits her time between Wisconsin, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and traveling the US and the world with her friends, her kids, or her fabulous new husband.

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