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Story & Illustrations by Cindy Helms

Who's New

Someone new is moving to Ponderville! 

Everyone is curious to see who it could be.

See how Birdie and his friends track down and reveal

who's new in a fun and exciting matching game.

Find out just how well the new-comer will fit in.  

Will everyone like her?


Who's New  uses a handful of simple words and

40 pages of colorful illustrations with the same delightful characters from Outside, Inside.


by Cindy Helms
by Cindy Helms
by Cindy Helms
by Cindy Helms

Book Buzz !! 

 It's a winner!



 Honorable Mention: Who's New by Cindy Helms, Set Free Publishing


  • Who's New has an "interesting and imaginative interactive aspect that should 

       especially appeal to younger children"

  • "The focus on recognizing shapes proves enjoyable."

  • "...the book stands alone as a cute and colorful labor of love."

* BlueInkReview *

* Kirkus Review *

  • "A return to the wild, Seussian world of Helms with a silhouette-guessing game featuring a refrain that will have youngsters chiming in."

  • "The friendly looking characters are all wonderfully weird, and Helms’ imaginative landscape will be appealing enough for youngsters that they’ll want to visit it over and over again."

  • "A fun, well-illustrated book for newly independent readers to enjoy on their own or for lap readers to enjoy with a grown-up."

* Reviews, Reviews, Reviews *

  • "This is a cute matching game with a different twist as the shapes are not regular but odd shapes to match the odd creatures that live in Ponderville. The creatures that live there are whimsical, bright and colourful and fun to look at. A cute book." Carla Johnson-Hicks​

  • "This is such a cute book! All of the characters are odd looking but adorable." - Dawn

  • "Who's New is a charming picture book with bright and lively characters that will delight young readers." - Stacie Theis

  • "This is a great book to teach your child about friendship and inclusiveness." - Lynda Dickson

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