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Story & Illustrations by Cindy Helms

Outside, Inside

Have you ever felt like all of your friends had forgotten about you? Have you ever felt left out? This is exactly what happens to Birdie in Outside, Inside. When Birdie does not see his friends around, he decides to go out and look for them. He quickly finds that something strange is going on. Birdie’s friends are really planning a super fun surprise that gives Birdie a change of heart. Outside, Inside is a simple story about the joy of friendship and giving. Using 35 easy words and vivid, colorful characters, this story is enchanting for the youngest of readers.


by Cindy Helms
by Cindy Helms
by Cindy Helms
by Cindy Helms

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Honorable Mention: Outside, Inside by Cindy Helms, Set Free Publishing


* Reader Views Review *


  • Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 8) and Mom for Reader Views


  • "Birdie has so many friends, and it was a surprise when I found out what they all did for Birdie! I love all the colorful pictures in this book. It was fun and quick to read. I loved it and I think you will too! Love it!" 


  • "Families are sure to treasure the enthusiastic interaction from their toddlers, who will want to hear this story again and again. " 


  • " Illustrations are almost everything..."


  • " Quirky, whimsical and colorful illustrations add real appeal..." 


  • "... this upbeat, appealingly illustrated production is an ideal book for adults and preschoolers to enjoy together at home, in preschool, playgroups or during library storytimes.


  • " With its surprise party plot element, it also makes an excellent birthday gift. "

* BlueInkReview *

* Kirkus Review *


  • Seussian shapes and creatures dominate this clever concept book about opposites - and friendship - by debut author/illustrator Helms. "


  • The text, comprised of only thirty-five words, is as much a part of the imagery as the illustrations themselves... all the words are simple enough that very beginning readers will be able to sound them out, and may have a victory of reading a book all on their own. 


  • The weird creatures are child-friendly, and the colorful pictures are sure to appeal. 


  •  " Helms does an excellent job combining strange and colorful art, the concepts of opposites, and a tale of a friendship surprise. "

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