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Story & Illustrations by Cindy Helms

Honk Whoop

Piper and Hubert are lonely.

They live on opposite sides of Spike Mountain,

unaware of each other. But they share something in common - honks, whoops, and chirps from the top of the mountain serenade them. Eventually the songs bring them together in an unexpected way and assure them that they are not at all alone.

A story of the universal power of music to bring comfort and create connections.

by Cindy Helms


by Cindy Helms
by Cindy Helms
by Cindy Helms

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 Honorable Mention: Honk Whoop by Cindy Helms, Set Free Publishing


* Kirkus Reviews *

  • "Helms has again created a gently whimsical world where strange creatures are the conduit for expressions of friendship."

  • ""

  • "Another captivating mix of eccentric visuals and gentle messages of unity by an author/illustrator who dances to her own quirky tune."

*  Reader views Review *

  • Review by Russ (age 5) and his Dad.

  • "I think this book is amazing..."

  • " friends are thinking about each other...and that's what I like about it."

  • "I think this is a book Russ will want me and his mom to read to him again and again."

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